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Program Information

Our program is designed for community college educators whose career interest focuses on assuming increasingly responsible administrative positions, with the ultimate goal of becoming an executive leader of a community college.


  1. Designed for community college administrators who hold a position as vice president, dean, assistant/associate dean or director.

  2. Aspirations to become an executive leader within the community college system

Components of the Year-Long Training Program

  1. Two culturally-tailored residential learning seminars

  2. Year-long intentional mentorship

  3. Professional career plan preparation

  4. Detailed assessment of leadership skills

  5. Continued communication with NCCHC leaders and Fellows

  6. Presentation at NCCHC Symposium

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand leadership competencies required of aspiring leaders

  2. Understand the issues facing Hispanic students in community colleges

  3. Understand the role of critical race theory, cultural competence, equity and diversity related to Hispanic/Latino leadership

  4. Understand the student success agenda: challenges and opportunities

  5. Understand institutional change requirements for 21st Century colleges and related change management

  6. Identify your own leadership capabilities, professional development needs, and develop a plan to achieve your desired career goal


At each learning seminar, Fellows will receive training in the following areas:

  1. Organizational Strategy

  2. Institutional Effectiveness

  3. Student Equity and Success

  4. Community Development

  5. Communication

  6. Board/CEO Relations

  7. Strategic Planning

  8. Culture and Diversity

  9. Finances and Facilities

  10. Change Process

Conditions and Fees

Tuition: $5,500

  1. Tuition will cover participant costs for seminars, symposium, housing, meals, and materials

  2. Travel incidentals must be covered by the participant or sponsoring institution

  3. Candidates must agree to attend all sessions, including the NCCHC Symposium, and must receive a commitment from the appropriate supervisor for participation

  4. Payment due upon program acceptance


  1. Currently hold an administrative position (director, dean, vice-president) and aspire to become an executive leader of a community college, such as a dean, vice-president, or president

  2. Master’s degree required, doctorate preferred

Mandatory Attendance and Participation of each Program Component

  1. Fellows must attend all sessions and NCCHC Symposium to receive a certificate of completion

  2. Fellows may submit a Symposium session proposal

  3. Fellows must maintain regular online communication with NCCHC leaders and other fellows

  4. Fellows must complete a group case study summer assignment

  5. Fellows must participate in ongoing professional development

  6. Fellows will create a career plan and complete a detailed leadership skills assessment

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