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Leadership Fellows Program History

Established 36 years ago, the National Community College Hispanic Council’s (NCCHC) mission includes preparation and support of Hispanic leaders in America’s community colleges, to the ultimate benefit of our students. One of NCCHC’s first ventures was to offer a leadership development program, with support from the Ford Foundation. We are proud that more than 20 of the 72 original fellows are now or have been community college presidents, and many others have moved to positions of increased responsibility as upper-level administrators.

A second iteration of the NCCHC Leadership Fellows Program was launched in 2003; to date, 17 classes have been completed.  Close to 300 Fellows representing 24 states have completed the program and came from vice-president, dean, and director administrative levels and from a cross-section of community colleges across the country. 


Currently, 18 of the 61 Latino community college presidents in the country are NCCHC Fellows.

Within the last three years, at least 159 known NCCHC Fellows were promoted, including 8 vice chancellors; 18 presidents; 6 provost/vice-presidents, 34 vice presidents; 32 deans and 21 directors in 24 states. 

The Council continues its efforts to develop leaders for the challenges that lie ahead in higher education by offering the Leadership Fellows Program in collaboration with the College of Education at San Diego State University.


Click on the image below to view and download artifacts from NCCHC's historical archive

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